Ships often have to be adapted to new uses. Only in this way can their efficiency and profitability be secured and new scope found for them.

Meidericher Schiffswerft specialises in all types of ship conversion:

Lengthening, widening and heightening, modernisations, the installation of MSW rudder plant, as well as re-engine work are as much a part of our service pallet as the manufacture and installation of aluminium or high-grade steel components. It goes without saying that interior work in your individual on-board living area or ferryship salon accommodation is also part of the service.

Perhaps your ship is moored abroad ? We gladly carry out all necessary work, either at home or in a foreign country.

Whatever your plans for the future may be, our engineers are ready to offer help and advice, at any time:

Here are just a few of the ship conversions we have carried out for our customers: << click >>

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Example 1: Conversion of the push-lighter "Vela". Floating-in and installation of a new pre-manufactured section


  Example 2: Lengthening and conversion of the gravel carrier "Yverdon les Bains"

Example 3 - Conversion of gravel carrier "Siegfried": Installation of a new main engine, fitting of a new, lengthened bow section and of a new cargo hold tank, fitting of a new deckhouse with ergo-dynamic navigation control stand, fitting of a new MSW hydraulic rudder plant, etc

  Example 4: Conversion of the container ship "MS Nordwand". A cargo hold and bow section developed by ourselves for optimum container transport (four containers wide, five high) was built onto the ship's old stern section, according to LR regulations, to conform with our container ship newbuilding No. 407 - "Wengen".
  Example 5: Conversion of the push boat combination "Niedersachsen 1 - Hannover 1". The push lighter "Hannover 1" was lengthened from 56.86 m to 77.11 m and side-height was increased from 2.3 to 2.8 m. A bow thruster was also mounted. The combination was fitted with an active push link mechanism.
  Example 6: Conversion of the MS "Bavaria 52" . Retro-fitting of a push-platform
  Example 7: The push boat "Thyssen II" gets a make-over: new main engine, new gearing and a general overhaul of her Voith-Schneider propulsion system
  Example 8: General overhaul of the museum ship "Oskar Huber", a steam tug dating back to 1920
  Example 9: We are experts in the repair and
conversion of fire extinguishing boats.

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