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428th newbuilding
Press release: Meidericher Schiffswerft delivers floating bucket dredger
- capacity of 700 tons / hour and a maximum dredging depth of 13 metres -

German shipyard Meidericher Schiffswerft in Duisburg has handed over a floating bucket dredger – the 428th newbuilding since the shipyard was founded in 1898.

The newbuilding, for service in gravel extraction on the left bank of the Rhine near Moers, has an hourly extraction capacity of 700 tons and a maximum dredging depth of 13 metres.

The dredger is linked to the bank by means of a floating conveyor, which also carries the vessel’s electrical supply. The dredger is equipped with several winches which are used to anchor it during dredging work. The winches are individually operated from the control bridge when the dredger is being moved to a dredging location.

Particular value has been placed by the customer on the dredger’s extremely quiet operation and on its high operational durability. The materials used in the vessel’s construction are low-maintenance, operationally safe and long-wearing.

The crew of two is provided with a recreational area below deck where supply and waste disposal systems as well as a number of storage and working rooms are installed.

The dredger control bridge is located midships on the main deck and is a flexibly mounted unit, comfortably equipped. From here the master of the dredger can enjoy an all-round view and control and monitor the whole bucket ladder, ejection area, winches, dredger belt and the connected conveyor belt.

The newbuilding boasts the most modern dredger technology currently available and carries an EU standards certificate.

The Meidericher Schiffswerft is a yard which is well used to building specialist vessels. Its newbuilding production pallet in the river and port sector includes automatic suction dredgers, hopper motorships, hopper barges, floating grab units and all types of elevated pontoons – including units which can be dismantled for rail or truck transport. The yard has already built pontoons of up to 10,000 dwt, for, among others, the marine technology and offshore sectors.

It also builds a wide range of other vessel types including school and hotel ships, police workboats, passenger vessels, ice breakers, floating pump stations, bilge removal vessels and fire extinguishing boats.

You can obtain further details at:

Meidericher Schiffswerft GmbH & Co. KG
Schlickstraße 21
47138 Duisburg, Germany, Europe

Fone: (0049)203-44 90 60